Drinking less can bring about a lot of change in your life.


Do you want to…

Reduce the amount you are drinking (either to lower levels or by cutting it out altogether)

Feel better physically and have more energy

Improve your emotional health, feel more steady and stable in your mood and better able to manage feelings of anxiety

Improve your self-esteem and self-worth

Improve your quality of sleep

Improve how you look and feel about yourself

Get on better with others including family, friends and children

Make other positive lifestyle choices to improve weight, fitness and overall health



Higher energy levels


Improved sleep


Weight loss


Better relationships


Reduced anxiety

In addition, profits from DrinkCoach are reinvested into local face-to-face alcohol treatment and recovery services – so by helping yourself, you’re helping others too.


Benefits of online coaching vs face-to-face appointments


Flexible time slots

We offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments that can fit around your work or family commitments.


No travel time or travel cost

You can access the service anywhere you have a Skype connection. This is particularly convenient for people who are a little further out of the main city hubs. Geographical distance is no problem at all.

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No queues

Book the appointment for a time that suits you and simply dial in at that time. There’ll be no stuffy waiting rooms for you!

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Complete confidence

Your data is handled with care from beginning to end and you can be confident that your information is in safe hands.


An alcohol specialist focused entirely on you

Our experts are held to a high standard. Our service is robust and we have the infrastructure to ensure you receive a professional service, dedicated to helping you meet your drinking goals.


Happy customers

100% of DrinkCoach users felt better able to manage their drinking.



Feedback from DrinkCoach users in 2016-17 showed:

  • On average, DrinkCoach users reported 36% fewer drinking days and 71% fewer units each month

  • 100% of DrinkCoach users felt better able to manage their drinking

  • 84% of DrinkCoach users reported reducing their alcohol consumption ‘often’, with 17% of those doing so ‘most or all of the time’

  • 53% of DrinkCoach users told us that they wouldn’t have accessed a face-to-face alcohol service and 100% agreed that online support is more convenient than face-to-face.


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