How to stay strong and stay on track over the bank holidays

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Beating the bank holidays

Bank holiday Mondays. Your average worker gets just three a year and it’s bliss, or is it?

While celebrated by most, bank holiday weekends can present a hurdle in sticking to drinking goals. As the sun comes out so do the barbeques, sporting events, brunches and celebrations, filled with cocktails, wine, beer and spirits. These can all be high risk situations filled with triggers and FOMO (fear of missing out) that can make you want to drink just that bit more than you’d planned. Well, you’re not alone.

Special occasions can increase alcohol consumption by an additional 18 units per week among 25-34 year olds (1). This comes as no surprise as supermarkets and the alcohol industry are known to up their advertising around bank holidays, tempting you with their too-good-to-miss offers. Thankfully there is no need to become a recluse during the bank holidays.

Check out these simple tips designed to help you reflect positively on a bank holiday to remember.

Have a goal in mind.

It sounds simple and it is. Being prepared and knowing what you want to achieve over the weekend is the most important step. Try to be as specific as possible – identify a limit you will spend or how many units is your maximum for the evening.

Writing down your goals will also help you achieve them. Studies have found that people who did were significantly more likely to accomplish their goals than people who didn’t (2).

Learn from past behaviour.

Rather than get caught up worrying about a looming bank holiday, think about what you need to put in place to get through this one. Often that can mean looking at past mishaps and what you need to do differently this time round.

Remember a little bit of anxiety can be helpful.

If we didn’t have this we could find ourselves making more questionable decisions without thinking about the consequences. If you have some anxiety about an event ahead then listen to what message you are trying to tell yourself. Sometimes this anxiety can help us to stay on track as it can act as a reminder of the reason why you want or need to do something differently this time.

Have an exit strategy up your sleeve in case you need it. We often talk to clients about the power of this strategy as a “just in case” things aren’t going to plan. Knowing when to play this card is just as important - commonly people may set themselves a curfew and say goodnight to everyone at that point.

We have plenty of clients who feel proud of themselves when they manage to stick to their goal. Mindset is key – being realistic and prepared will help you to feel more in control.
— Angela, DrinkCoach

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