Loss of inhibitions, confusion, dodgy decisions and one night stands…


“Using my face to shield a firework from the rain while lighting it... #RIPeyebrows.”


Stealing a llama and taking it for a ride on a tram - turns out it’s an easy way to get yourself arrested!”


“Throwing up at my daughters’ birthday in front of my mother-in-law while my dad held back my hair…”


Lots of us enjoy the fact that alcohol can allow us to lose our inhibitions.

But this can cause some people to come to rely on alcohol to help their confidence in social situations. Loss of inhibitions can also cause some social situations to turn violent. Plus, because alcohol can affect your thought processes, it can also lead to dangerous decisions:

  • to walk home alone

  • to have unprotected sex

  • or have one night stands

Alcohol can also lead to feelings of confusion, delusions and even suicidal thoughts. In the long-term, alcohol can have serious effects on your mental health.

Never again!

Alcohol can be the trigger for some very poor decision-making, but don’t just take our word for it!

Check out these drinking stories and hard learned lessons submitted by our DrinkCoach users.


When you drink too much, you’ll still be aware of your mistakes but you just won’t care.

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