Muddle up a couple of mocktails for yourself and your mates with these great recipes!

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Watermelon Crush


  • ½ a watermelon

  • Juice of 1 lime

  • 1 tbsp honey

  • 500ml water or tonic

  • 5 Mint leaves

  • Crushed ice

Method: Cut the watermelon into cubes, add to a blender with other ingredients and a generous amount of crushed ice. Blend in short bursts to ensure you get a lovely slushy consistency. Save 1 or 2 mint leaves to garnish.


The Blueberry


  • 6 mint leaves

  • 10 fresh blueberries

  • 50ml lime juice

  • 50ml of simple syrup

  • Splash of club soda or lemonade

  • Ice cubes

Method: Mash blueberries and mint in a mocktail shaker. Add all the other ingredients then shake, shake, shake (you want the mocktail to come out a lovely lilac colour)! Pour over ice and garnish with a few blueberries.


Ginger & Tonic


  • 200ml ginger beer

  • 100ml lemonade

  • Ice cubes

  • Juice of half a lime

  • 25ml Grenadine

  • Handful of pomegranate seeds

  • Slice of ginger (for that extra kick)

Method: Add a slice of ginger to a tall glass and crush with a spoon. Add ice cubes, pour in the grenadine, ginger beer and lemonade then finally squeeze in the lime juice and throw on the pomegranate seeds. Don’t forget your paper straw!


Bloody M


  • 50ml lime juice

  • 50ml agave

  • 100ml blood orange puree

  • 100ml of soda water or lemonade

  • 4 fresh mint leaves

Method: Muddle the mint, lime juice and agave into a tall glass. Throw in the rest of the ingredients and garnish with fresh mint and lime. Refreshing and tangy.


Dark Not Stormy


  • A quarter chopped pineapple

  • Lime cordial, to taste

  • 200ml ginger beer

Method: You’ll need a tall glass for this one. Pop your chopped pineapple at the bottom, fill to the brim with ginger beer and sweeten to taste with a lovely lime cordial. Aaah!

Submitted by: Suzanne Robinson


Spooning On The Beach


  • 100ml tonic water

  • 100ml orange juice

  • 100ml cranberry juice

  • 40g fresh kiwi

  • 40g fresh strawberry

  • Crushed ice

Method: Pop your fresh fruits in the bottom of a tall glass. Fill to the top with juice. Serve over crushed ice. Mocktail umbrella optional.


Basil Berry Blast


  • 4 sweet strawberries

  • 1/2 lemon

  • 3 basil leaves

  • 200ml sparkling water

  • Teaspoon sugar

  • Crushed ice

Method: Toss your strawberries in a tall glass. Spritz with lemon. Sprinkle with sugar. Muddle. Add ice and water. Sweeten to taste.


Mango Donkey


  • 50ml mango puree

  • 100ml mango juice

  • 50ml fresh lime juice

  • 200ml ginger beer

  • 1 tbsp set honey

  • 1 mint leaf

  • Crushed ice

Method: Muddle the mint leaf and honey in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add all other ingredients and give it a good shake. Pour into a short glass and garnish with a slice of lime.


Primm’s Cup


  • 4 sweet strawberries

  • A couple of slices of cucumber

  • 250ml lemonade

Method: Get your strawberries in a muddle in a tall clear glass. Top up with lemonade. Garnish with some fresh slices of cucumber. And enjoy.


Tropical Punch


  • 100ml coconut and pineapple juice

  • 100ml orange juice

  • 100ml sparkling water

  • Squeeze of lemon

  • Dash of lime

Method: Find your largest, most fabulous glass and bung all the ingredients in. A quick stir, and Bob’s your uncle.


Pina ‘no’ Colada


  • Crushed ice

  • 250ml pineapple juice

  • 100ml milk

  • 100ml heavy cream

  • 2 tbsp brown sugar

Method: Throw all ingredients into a blender until mixture is smooth. Pour into a tall fancy glass and add a slice of pineapple or cherry to decorate.




  • 250ml soda water

  • A splash of lemon cordial

  • Fresh mint

  • Squeeze of lemon

  • Dash of lime

Method: How much cordial you use is up to you, but served in your favourite goblet over a block or two of ice is refreshing and fun.

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