Going Alcohol Free

Thinking of making a change but feeling a bit self-conscious? Why not take the plunge and challenge yourself to go alcohol free* in Dry January or in Sober October when a lot of other people make the pledge to give up alcohol.

It is not uncommon for people to reap the benefits of that month off alcohol and carry on the challenge after they reach the finish line. Read more about common benefits of taking a break from alcohol here.

Log your number of alcohol-free days on our free DrinkCoach app and share your achievement with your family and friends.

*People who are physically dependent on alcohol should not suddenly stop drinking. We advise you speak to your GP or visit your local alcohol service for an assessment. Worried you might be dependent or unsure if you are? Take our alcohol test to see if you may be at risk.


Mindful Drinking

For those that want to moderate, we encourage people to take the mindful challenge. Next time you have a drink, take your time to apply a bit of mindfulness. Often people find that they actually don’t enjoy the taste as much as they think. Sometimes people realise that they are actually drinking more for the effect – getting away from uncomfortable feelings like anxiety or sadness or trying to induce excitement.

Mindful drinking is about having a healthier, happier relationship with alcohol. So whether you’re cutting it out, cutting down, or just rethinking how you drink, here are a few pointers that can help you be more mindful about your drinking:

  • Drink to enjoy
    Drink because you want to, not because others are telling you to. And savour your drink, don’t gulp it down – it’s not a race!

  • Avoid drinking to de-stress
    A glass of wine is a good distraction, but a brief one – and overdoing it is only going to give you more to worry about in the long run.

  • Breathe in… and out
    Download our free DrinkCoach app for some mindfulness breathing techniques that will help you to surf your urge to drink.

  • Get it off your chest
    If you want to talk to someone – whether it’s a weekday, evening, or weekend – our specialist DrinkCoaches are just a Skype call away.


Mindful drinking is about having a healthier, happier relationship with alcohol.

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