What is a unit of alcohol? How many units are in a pint? What is a safe amount to drink?

Units, ABV and healthy drinking guidelines can be confusing, here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about alcohol units.


What is a unit of alcohol?

One unit = 10ml of pure alcohol. Drinks come in different sizes and strengths, so units are a good way to accurately calculate how strong your drink is.  

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How many units per week is considered ‘safe’ in the UK?

England’s Chief Medical Officers’ advice is the same for men and women - keep drinking to under 14 units a week. Don’t save those drinks up though, a binge is never a good idea.


How many units are in your favourite drink?

Did you know that just one pint of lager can contain three units of alcohol - that can quickly add up! Find how many units and calories are in your favourite drink.


How many units are in a bottle of wine?

On average there are 9 units in a bottle of wine - but this can be higher or lower depending on the ABV. Confused? Find out more about units and calories in a bottle of wine here.


How many units are in a pint of beer?

Lager, ale, beer and stout come in so many strengths that it can be hard to know exactly what your drink contains. Work out how many units your favourite pint has, along with the calorie count here.


How many units are in a glass of wine?

You could be drinking more than you think - units in a glass of wine vary depending on the strength, and more obviously, how big your glass is! Find out how to calculate the number of units and calories in YOUR glass of wine.


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